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Why these practices are not widespread?

  • This doesn’t apply to me syndrome.”
  • Resources drained from process improvement by other more important work.

Resistance to change of any kind

  • 1. How do you provide the packages to the customers? I mean do you combine 1-2 or more services together and offer or mostly single? Surely it depends on the company needs but how do you make the sales process?

    Typically for the consulting assignments, we provide integrated services as well as stand alone, in some scenarios, client has a requirement of implementation of multiple standards at the same time like, combinations:
    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 (Integrated Management System)
    • ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 (Integrated Management System)
    • ISO 14001 and ISO 18001
    • CMMI, ITIL, ISMS (Integrated Management System),
    • Moreover, several other combinations like this.
    Secondly, as I have mentioned earlier that we are the trainers as well. Training is offered in two aspects, one is a part of the consulting assignment, for ISOs it is normally Standard Awareness Training (e.g. Intro to ISO 9001 for the QMS implementation) and the other one is normally Internal Audit Training based on ISO 19011.
    Other than part of the consulting assignment, we also offer on-site and off-site training as well in each domain. We have already developed our training courses in every domain and are mentioned below
    • CMMI Implementation and Concepts
    • CMMI Process Areas Related Training
    • Introduction to ISO 9001
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 9001
    • Introduction to ISO 14001
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 14001
    • Introduction to ISO 18001
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 18001
    • Introduction to ISO 20000
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 20000
    • Introduction to ISO 22000
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 22000
    • Introduction to ISO 27001
    • Lead Implementer Session on ISO 27001
    • Project Management
    • Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation Courses
    • Introduction to Fairtrade Certification
    • Training on Business Continuity Management
    • Training on Disaster Recovery Management
    • Customized Training - As per client's requirements

  • 2. What are the rates of the services you offer to the company and what are the normal working time involved in all these projects? What would you charge my company if I am getting the sales from here and we make things work?

    What are the ISO 9000 standards?
    The ISO 9000 standards are a collection of formal International Standards, Technical Specifications, Technical Reports, Handbooks and web based documents on Quality Management. There are approximately 25 documents in the collection altogether, with new or revised documents being developed on an ongoing basis.
    (It should be noted that many of the International Standards in the ISO 9000 family are numbered in the ISO 10000 range.)
    What are some obstacles to QMS implementation and registration?
    The following are some the common hurdles you may encounter include:
    1. Too much documentation - unnecessary procedures, work instructions, forms, etc.
    2. Lack of top management commitment and support - top management pays lip service or does not get involved.
    3. Not providing adequate resources - budget, personnel, consultant, training, etc., to get the job done effectively.
    4. Resistance to change - some process owners and functional managers may resist changes to processes and accountability for objectives.
    5. Not setting realistic timeframes for QMS development and implementation.
    6. Not providing adequate information and training resulting in conflicting interpretation of requirements and what needs to get done.
    7. Not communicating QMS plans.
    8. Lack of discipline - personnel not following policies and procedures.
    9. Not understanding processes and how to use them effectively to manage the business.
    10. Policies and procedures imposed by head office or other organizations.
    11. Improper use of QMS system tools - e.g., corrective action; management reviews; etc.
    12. Not understanding ISO 9001 requirements; not getting external help; and getting poor support and interpretations from the Certification Body.
    What is PDCA?
    This standard for PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT, and is a cycle described by ISO 27001 to enable continual improvement.
    Financial and Duration of the project entirely depends on the nature of the project, however we can share a detailed cost plan for each standard/model consulting and training assignments with all the desired costs which Catalyic will be charging, and you can add an amount on top and charge to the customer accordingly, we don’t have any issue.

  • 3. Maybe you have to tell me more about these services. Should I read more about them online myself or you have got some better material?

    The list of services mentioned above can be sought online, in the meanwhile you start skimming through the related standards and models from internet and your questions can be addressed in the skype call which we will be having on regular basis. As a sales team, you dont need to go into technical studies, however only knowing the basic keywords of a particular standard will be sufficient. And as the time rolls, naturally you will be having detailed knowledge on every standard / model.

  • 4. What are the target business sectors of each service?

    ISO standards are applicable in every type of organization, manufacturing to services industry ISO models are applicable everywhere. Any company operating a business can opt for ISO standards.
    However, for CMMI are focus is primarily on
    • Software Houses (Primarily).
    • Banks.
    • IT Departments.
    • Large Manufacturers (Automobile etc.)
    • Organizations following process automation techniques.
    • any other organization, doing the software development.

  • 5. Do you have more detailed brochures ready?

    Yes we have detailed brochures for each service and we are created more collateral which can also be shared.

  • 6. What is the normal time span of the services and trainings?

    For CMMI Level 2,
    Consulting and Implementation takes around 6-8 months.
    For CMMI Level 3,
    Consulting and Implementation takes around 8-10 months.
    For ISO Standards
    Consulting and Implementation takes around 6 months to 1 year, depending on the scope of the project. I.e. stand alone standard implementation will take less time instead, we have multiple standards implementation. However implementation of ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 takes a bit long time reason being there are other hardware installation requirements involved.

  • 7. Do you do all the work offshore or people travel? Are there possibilities of people travelling to Europe for such purposes? This is very nice expanding and we can make deals with hotels here and charge the customer nice amount of money.

    We have no issues in traveling for clients meetings as currently we are already practicing this.

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